What our customers say about us:

“LOVED how easy this was to set up and potentially take down… The mesh slip cover is perfect for catching debris and keeping animals out. It holds much more water then traditional rain barrels. I hooked a soaker hose up to the over flow hose and i can water a near by garden. Contacted company and they recommend leaving the drain open during the winter to prevent freezing and cover the top with a tarp to prevent additional water entering. Mine will be left outside all year round.”

Phoebe – Toronto ON

“Just got mine the other day. With such a wet spring here in Edmonton I wanted to have more capacity for more water… This tank assembled quickly, its stylish, a little bit on the larger side and somewhat tall but will catch more water than any other rain water tank so it’s great! With a mesh screen on top and many different configurations available depending on your needs – its great! Unlike typical round barrels this holds 264G and quickly fills up. It’s easily portable and better quality. I’m certainly thinking about buying another one!”

David – Edmonton AB

“Very easy to put together (one person). When placed on a prepared level surface… no problems with tipping, although the tank filled up quickly so will see what it is like when 1/2 full. The only way to determine how much water is in the tank is to open one of the in flow ports, almost got a mouth full of water the first time! Versatile in flow and out flow ports allows for a variety of configurations. We’ve connected the tank to an existing rain barrel and there is enough pressure generated to allow for easy watering. Unobtrusive, looks like a large air conditioner.”

Kate – Williams Lake BC

“Setup was easy and quick. Looks like a pretty good system well made… The frame goes together quick and easy and is made of sturday pipe that locks together. I feel this system is way better then a 50 gallon rain barrel. If you plan to take avantage of collecting rain water and use it for garden and plants around your home you need a decent size container the one I bought holds 250 gallons. The system comes with two 1 1/4″ 6 foot long hoses. Would recommend it to anyone looking at becoming more sustainable!!!”

Bob Newberg – Oregon

“I would recommend this item if you have a lot of fruit trees or a big vegetable garden… I do and it keeps my veggies growing and trees producing. Thanks Aussietanks, you solve my drought problem.”

Andrew – Lawrencevill, GA

“I have one in our place (and live in Australia)… I don’t think it looks bad and love having it for watering the lawns and garden from rain collected from my roof – it feels to good not to have the water wasted by going off the roof and down he drain. Mine holds 1000 litres.”

Jenny – Australia

“Harvesting rain like this is literally like… pennies falling from the sky plus it really does reduce the load on local resources.”

Jay – Hollywood CA

“Water restrictions here (in California) have made it… near impossible to keep the garden and lawn green but now with my Aussietank I can water daily and even wash my car. So simple and super easy to setup”

Jamie – San Francisco

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