Custom water tanks for your home

Do you want to live a more environmentally friendly existence? Would you like to be able to capture rainwater without having to install a permanent catchment tank? Here at Aussietanks, we have all the answers. We understand that in most backyards, space is precious – and where you place a tank today might be where you want to plant a rose bush tomorrow. For this reason, we have created portable tanks that offer complete flexibility in terms of use and placement.

Our products have been designed with simplicity in mind. In fact, these tanks are so easy to install and move you can do it by yourself without the need for a plumber. You can move these custom water tanks around your home as your needs change, and even shift them between properties if you move houses. With a great range of sizes to choose from (120 gal, 260 gal or 530 gal), you are sure to find a tank that suits your specific needs and the space constraints of your backyard.