Our Aussietanks range will ensure you’ve got potable water storage during an emergency or in the great outdoors

Worried about your reliance on mainstream water networks in the case of disruptions or emergencies? Need portable water storage tanks for your next camping trip? Take a look at our selection of Aussietanks products. They can be used for rainwater collection, but it’s easy to fill them with drinking water from your tap so that you have a potable water tank that can be transported and used anywhere. Our products aren’t just versatile because they’re fully collapsible and transportable; they also come in 120 gallon, 260 gallon and 530 gallon capacities to suit any domestic or outdoor use.

Our Aussietanks portable water storage tanks are designed to be set up in just 20 minutes in any location you choose. We understand that a key part of camping is the ability to re-establish your camp quickly and efficiently, and that’s why our tanks can be transported even when at full capacity. Wherever you need drinking water, a Aussietanks will be there to provide durable and reliable potable water storage in any wilderness situation.

Purchasing a potable water storage tank from our selection also provides an excellent way to give you and your family peace of mind if you’re worrying about the availability of water during a disaster situation. A Aussietanks is as portable as 530 gallons’ worth of plastic bottles and creates no waste at all!