Water Tank – 264G/1000L

The 264G/1000L tank is great for any customer that wants more water storage. This Handy Tank can be easily relocated or packed away and stored. Perfect for the environmentally conscious households looking for a cost effective way to collect and save water. This tank is ideal to store rain water for watering lawns or for washing cars, boats and driveways and is great for the environment.
Dimensions: 39(L)X39(W)X59(H)inchces OR 100(L)X100(W)X150(H)cm

  • Home accessory is enclosed by an attractive mesh cover
  • Tank is a durable marine grade PVC bladder supported by a clip together steel frame  made from durable high quality materials
  • All threaded fittings are standard
  • Most fittings and connections built in or included
  • Clear, simple assembly instructions
  • Five flexible options to connect to water source
  • For greater capacity two or more handy tanks can be plumbed together or simply installed one at each down pipe
  • If it rains an inch of water on a 1,000 square foot roof, you could collect 620 gallons of water


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Easy, transportable, collapsible Water Tanks!

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