Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting and Collection Systems

Many people across the United States, from Maine to California, are realizing the importance of harvesting rainwater to lower utility bills and help save the environment. Aussietanks is here to help with our range of low cost rainwater tanks for sale.

Rainwater recycling is a simple concept that has many useful applications from keeping your garden looking great to washing your car. You can even recycle further by using stormwater to wash your clothes, then using it to irrigate your garden. Or, an even simpler option is to wash your car while it’s sitting on the lawn – easy!

Aussietanks offers rainwater storage tanks to help you make the most of this precious resource. We have the most flexible storage containers on the market, designed with the urban environment in mind. Their lightweight design and ease of assembly means you can position them wherever is best for capturing the most amount of precipitation. Assembly only takes 20 minutes and can be achieved by any householder with a tool box. It’s simply a matter of clipping together the frame, hanging the bladder, and throwing over the mesh roof.

With their low cost, you could use our rain harvesting tanks under each downpipe or daisy chain many tanks together to increase your holding capacity. With three different sizes, it’s easy to build a system that fits your needs perfectly. The possibilities are simply endless.

As they’re easy to set up and collapse, you can also rearrange your rain collection system, developing it as your learn more about your local weather patterns, how water runs off your roof, and your household water needs.

You can buy rainwater tanks online for delivery across the United States. All of our tanks arrive flat packed, for cheap and efficient shipping prices. Start creating your eco-friendly system today with Aussietanks.