Aussietanks is the water harvesting system for urban homes

As an increasing scarce resource, water collection is becoming an attractive option for many residential households. By collecting and storing rainwater homeowners can reduce their environmental impact and save money on water fees. Many people are put off purchasing stormwater tanks due to their high cost and difficult installation process. Here at Aussietanks we’ve developed a water harvesting system which is not just easy to install, but also portable and cost effective.

Made from a marine grade PVC bladder held together by a sturdy steel frame and enclosed by a mesh cover, Aussietanks come flat-packed and ready to assemble. This flat-pack functionality makes them incredibly compact and portable, ideal for storage during winter months or transportable if you should happen to move house.

Coming in a range of sizes from 120gal and 260gal up to a massive 530gal, Aussietanks are one of the easiest to install stormwater tanks on the market. All you need to do it connect the tubular frame together and direct your downpipe directly on top of the Aussietanks. In less than 20 minutes you should be ready to begin water harvesting.

Developed especially for the urban residential properties, we are confident that our Aussietanks are the best stormwater collection system you will experience. Make a difference to the environment and decrease your water bills in one simple step with Aussietanks.