Simple and affordable residential water tanks

Water is one of the earth’s most precious resources, and is currently becoming increasingly scarce. This is why stormwater collection has become an increasingly valuable tool for homeowners looking to protect the environment and save on water costs.

There are many different water tanks for residential properties on the market, but only Aussietanks offers you an easy-to-install solution that is both portable and highly affordable. We developed Aussietanks as an alternative to the large fixed stormwater storage tanks which are expensive, cumbersome and often difficult to install. By contrast Aussietanks can be installed in less than 20 minutes, and can be folded back into their original flat-pack box. This makes them easy to store over the winter months when water preservation is less of a priority.

Here at Aussietanks we have really shaken up the residential water tanks market. By offering a simple and cost effective product that remains portable even when full, the collection and storage of stormwater has never been easier. Coming in a range of sizes from 120gal and 260gal up to a huge 530gal, there’s a Aussietanks solution for all homes. So if you are looking for an easy rainwater harvesting system for your urban property, then Aussietanks is the product for you.