Pick up your domestic water storage tanks with Aussietanks

If you are one of the many that is concerned with water supply there is an easy and affordable solution. Domestic water tanks are a great way to reduce your water usage by collecting rainwater that would normally go to waste. This sustainable alternative is ideal for a range of uses around your home including garden watering, clothes and car washing.

Aussietanks has made owning a domestic water tank even easier by developing a collapsible structure that enables easy portability and installation. This light weight product can easily be transported to your desired area and set up in minutes. There is no need for a plumber as it is simple to set up the system on your own and no need for heavy lifters. In fact, it is so easy to carry that you can even move it while it is full!

Start utilizing rainwater in your home today and see the benefits for yourself. Browse our website to find out even more information or simply give us a call.