The benefits of home water tanks

If you are passionate about water conservation in your local area then household water tanks should be high on your agenda. Water is such a precious resource and yet most of our clean drinking water is being wasted on things that do not require it such as flushing toilets and washing cars. With a home water storage tank you can minimise your consumption of mains water and utilize rainwater around the home.

While many are hesitant to purchase a home water tank due to their size and difficulty to install and move, with Aussietanks all of those hassles are no longer. Aussietanks is a collapsible collection system that is light weight and durable allowing for easy portability and installation. With its clever design, our rainwater barrels do not even require a plumber as you can set it up yourself in just twenty minutes!

Our catchment tanks are not just suited to those with large yards either. Coming in a range of sizes varying from 120 to 530 gal, it is suitable for even the smallest areas. And if you ever decide to move you can even take your Aussietanks with you!

Whether you want to use it around the garden or connect it to your toilet or hot water system, the Aussietanks offers an easy solution at an affordable price. If you would like to order a collection barrel for your property, you can make an order online via the ordering page or give us a call.