Gray waste water tanks

The Aussietanks is an affordable, user-friendly and flexible solution for rainwater collection and storage.

Although Aussietanks products have not been fully rated for wastewater collection, they can be plumbed to collect gray water from the kitchen or laundry, for redistribution on your garden.

When plumbed appropriately, they can be used as waste water tanks, making it cheaper and easier than ever to collect gray water which otherwise may simply be lost, reducing your household’s reliance on this diminishing precious resource.

All our tanks are fully collapsible and portable – even when at full capacity – making them one of the most flexible products on the market. You can easily disassemble and move them to a new property, or move them to a new location on your current estate. Their compact design also means you can store them away discreetly at your convenience. The smallest, 120 gal unit is also perfect for water storage during camping trips.

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