Water Holding Tanks

Have you been searching for a smarter, safer way to store water? Then you’ve come to the right page! Aussietanks are ideal as water holding tanks for a number of reasons.

  • High capacity: The Aussietanks is a relatively high capacity water holding tank. You can also plumb two or more Aussietanks together for extra storage from the one single outlet.
  • Marine grade PVC bladder: This flexible material keeps water inside without danger of leakage. It is also more conducive to keeping your water as pure as possible, as it won’t rust or leach dangerous substances.
  • Quick, easy installation: Unlike other water catchment tanks, the Aussietanks can be installed by just about anyone in under 20 minutes. This means that instead of waiting days or weeks for professional installation, your Aussietanks can be up and ready to store rainwater when it’s needed.
  • Shade covering: Having a shade covering on your Aussietanks will mean that the water is less likely to heat up and evaporate – meaning you get to retain more of the water in storage for when you really need it.
  • Compact: The Aussietanks requires very little space in your yard or garden – no mounting base, and it can be safely set up next to trees, foliage or exterior walls. This means you can place it in the position that’s most advantageous for collecting water and storing it out of the sun