You won’t find a more affordable water barrel than one from us at Aussietanks

If you know anything about water storage barrels, you’ll be aware that they’re generally considered to be stuck in place once they’re installed. They may be handy, but they’re often considered unwieldy and not conducive to any kind of renovations or changes to your home. This isn’t the case with our Aussietanks water storage solutions: they are completely collapsible and are portable even when full to capacity. Finding another water barrel that is as versatile as our selection at Aussietanks is no mean feat.

Not only do our water storage barrels break down for easy relocation and transport, they come in a range of three capacity sizes: 120 gallons, 260 gallons and 530 gallons. Our smallest size is best suited for gardening and camping graywater purposes, while the 530 gallon Aussietanks can be used to provide extra storage for your household rainwater storage system. Order online from our site and grab yourself a tank quickly and easily – we’ll gladly ship our products anywhere.