Long Term Water Storage Containers

Aussietanks are invaluable as water storage containers in situations when you need to keep rainwater for days, weeks or even months. The completely covered design ensures you don’t lose any water from evaporation, and your supply is protected from debris and other contaminants. For parts of the country which suffer from long, dry summers, having that extra stored water means the difference between a dry lawn and a dirty car, and a lush garden and clean vehicle. Unlike other water storage systems, Aussietanks can be set up when and where you need them, and they’re easy to transport even when they are full – so you can move your tank to a more convenient position for long term access.

If you have chosen a Aussietanks as your water storage tank for the summer months, there are plenty of ways to both maximise the amount of water you harvest in the first place, and make sure it doesn’t evaporate or spoil. Consider connecting two or more Aussietanks together – see the included instructions – to instantly double or triple your capacity! It’s easy to do (no professional plumber required), so you can get set up in seconds. To make sure your harvested rainwater is kept as pure as possible through drier conditions, you can keep it in a semi shaded area. If it’s freezing you’re concerned about in mid winter, consider moving your tank to a protected indoors area such as a shed or garage.

Water conditioning

If you plan to use your Aussietanks as a water container for your garden, graywater, car washing and other similar tasks, you won’t need to apply any particular water storage treatment! Aussietanks has been specifically developed to work with graywater systems, so there’s no need to add water conditioners, cleansers or other additives.