Types of water tanks: which is best for you?

With so many types of water tanks out there – including square, vertical, round, rectangular and horizontal – it can be difficult to decide on the best one for your needs.

The Aussietanks is the obvious choice for a number of reasons. Because it was designed with the urban backyard in mind, it has a compact, vertical design which allows the Aussietanks to fit seamlessly in to a number of tight spaces and be integrated effectively with the design of your home.

Its shape also has less surface area than many of the horizontal water tanks on the market. This means that in most cases, it will have less surface area exposed to the sun – meaning less chance for bacteria to grow and for the water to warm up, which is particularly important if you are using it for a potable supply.
Many square and rectangular water storage tanks made of galvanized iron or coated steel are joined and bolted in several places. This means that in frosty weather, they could break under the pressure when stretched by the frozen water. There are also more vulnerable places for these square water tanks to spring leaks.

The Aussietanks vertical water storage tank, however, is made up of a hard-wearing, marine-grade PVC bladder and a zinc-plated steel frame which allows it to serve your household in all climates. This material has enough give and flexibility to bend, meaning it will not burst and crack during the winter months. In extreme weather conditions, its collapsibility and compact design also means it can be quickly and easily stowed away.

The quality of its materials and innovative design is backed by a one-year warranty.

Order yours online today for a cheap, easy and efficient way to store water!