Water Tanks for Sale in Albuquerque

There’s recently been debate over the value of using water storage barrels in Albuquerque, with one academic claiming that his $500 rain barrel saved him 60 cents whenever it filled up – which was about three times a year. However, spirited debate followed, with people asking why and how to store water?

The ‘why’ is pretty obvious. Sitting as is does on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, Albuquerque has a semi-arid climate and receives a whopping 3,420 hours of sunshine a year. With only eight or nine inches of rain annually – around half the level of evaporation – rainfall does not factor into the local government’s water plans, with river and ground water being relied upon instead.
While rainwater collection systems in Albuquerque are not viable on a government level, they can offer an alternative to householders. It’s estimated that the run-off from a simple roof collection system can accommodate a New Mexican household’s toilet flushing for a year. Used in other manners, it could also keep your garden growing, wash your car, or help with the laundry, although local authorities recommend against using potable water tanks. Whichever way your choose to use it, if you buy rain barrels, you’ll be saving considerable amounts on your utility bill and doing your bit for conserving local river and ground water resources.

And the best way to do so is with Aussietanks. Our lightweight, collapsible water storage tanks are designed for urban situation and available in three sizes: 120 gal, 260 gal, and 530 gal. With a frame that’s easy to fit together, you can have your Aussietanks set up within twenty minutes – and that includes connecting it to your roof drainage system! It’s so easy that you can pack it away in those dry winter months, increasing the space available in your backyard.

Once set up, a Aussietanks water holding tank will stand the test of time, as it is constructed of a marine grade PVC bladder supported by a zinc plated steel frame. Our water storage containers come with a shade cover for extra protection from insects that could use your water as a breeding ground or excess sunshine that could evaporate your precious resource.

Storing water in Albuquerque is easy with Aussietanks. You can order portable water tanks right here on our website and we’ll deliver them straight to your door, in a tidy, flat-packed parcel.