There’s no better water conservation option than to buy rainwater barrels from our Aussietanks website

Living in Arizona means being more than familiar with how arid the state can get. No matter whether you live in the desert or have taken up residence on the plateau, you don’t tend to see a lot of rainfall. The need for rainwater collection systems in Arizona is palpable, and nothing will get you storing water faster and more efficiently than one or more of our Aussietanks water storage barrels. Keeping rainwater on hand means that you don’t have to rely on water networks to water your garden, wash your clothes or clean your dishes; and with water utility bills rising across the state and wider United States, there has never been a better time to become self-reliant.

You don’t have to drive across the desert to find yourself a decent water storage tank in Arizona. No matter what city or township you’re living in, we’ll deliver a Aussietanks straight to your door. That’s because our water storage containers are completely collapsible: it’s as easy for us to ship a Aussietanks to you as it is for you to break it down yourself and take it with you anywhere. It’s hard to find more versatile and portable water tanks Arizona wide.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have stated that AZ is the third driest state in the entire United States of America. This means that responsible residents need to figure out how to store water so Arizona and its people don’t stretch their water resources further, increase rates and put increasing strain on dams and lakes. Any Tucson, Flagstaff or Phoenix resident can begin their conservation journey by installing one of our many water tanks for sale. We offer 120 gallon, 260 gallon and 530 gallon Aussietanks products, so you can store just as much water as your household needs day-to-day.

Other companies provide rainwater and potable water tanks that simply aren’t as transportable as ours. It’s no mean feat to find a water holding tank that can be picked up and taken anywhere – regardless of how much water it’s holding – but all of our Aussietanks products are portable at any level of storage.

Provide your household or business with an oasis in the desert. Visit the easy-to-use web store at our Aussietanks site and we’ll send a receptacle right to your door.