The Ultimate in Rainwater Collection Systems for Boston Homes

Boston has a continental climate with a maritime influence, which means that the city experiences hot and humid rainy summers and winters that alternate between snow and rain. Its position on the north Atlantic coast means it doesn’t experience the severe drought that much of the country suffers from, but during the summer months rainfall can average below three inches per month – not nearly enough to sustain the average lawn or garden. State statistics also indicate that in summer, gardening and other outdoor water applications make up 40% of household water use. So it makes sense to learn how to store water, and to implement a system for storing water effectively using rainwater barrels. If you’re considering buying rain barrels in Boston, you can’t go past Aussietanks for capacity and convenience.

Aussietanks are a unique design of fully portable water tanks that you can set up by yourself in just minutes. Unlike solid, pre-formed water storage containers, the Aussietanks is made up of a marine-grade bladder and outer covering with a supporting frame that can be assembled and disassembled for easy transport and storage. You can also do the plumbing yourself, should you so choose – all essential hardware is included with your shipment so you can attach your Aussietanks to a garden hose or downspout. It is also larger than standard water storage barrels; Aussietanks comes in three convenient sizes to suit different households and levels of use, including 120, 260 and 530 gallons. You can double or triple capacity of your water holding tank in minutes by plumbing together two or three Aussietanks – you can even use a Aussietanks as an overflow collector or backup for an existing water container.

You don’t even need to visit a hardware store or specialty shop to get your hands on a Aussietanks. Purchase any of the Aussietanks water tanks for sale online here and enjoy super affordable delivery to your door anywhere in the city or wider Massachusetts. You can compare the different models and place your order here.

NB: Aussietanks are not designed as potable water tanks. If you intend to drink rainwater harvested and stored in your tank, you must use a separate filter designed to purify rainwater to drinking water standards. Aussietanks is compatible with several water tank filters designed to attach directly to the faucet.