Aussietanks are the most convenient water tanks for sale in California

Famous for its year round balmy weather and beach going lifestyle, the state of California is also known for really low levels precipitation. This is why rainwater barrels have recently been popping up at an increasing rate in the backyards of many Californian homes. Both an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to decrease household reliance on city water distribution services, water storage containers in California offer many advantages during the dry summer months. Many household remain reluctant to buy rainwater barrels, however, due to their high initial investment and cumbersome installation process.

Here at Aussietanks we have solved many of these fears thanks to clever design made specifically for an urban environment. Our water storage containers offer a simple, portable and affordable solution for harvesting and storing graywater. The main storage container of the Aussietanks is made from robust marine PVC supported on a strong steel frame, giving it the ability to withstand strong winds and weather. Encased by a mesh cover, the design of our Aussietanks allows them to be flat-packed, making them highly portable and easy to store when not in use. The portability of Aussietanks means relocating your tank around your property or taking it with you when you move homes is a breeze. The flat-pack functionality also makes assembly ridiculously easy. Often taking less than 20 minutes to install, Aussietanks is one of the simplest water storage containers in California.

State laws in California allows for the specific harvesting of rainwater for the sole purpose of landscaping and other non-portable purposes. This means while you can do pretty much anything with your Aussietanks water, including feeding your plants and washing your car, you cannot use it as a potable water tank.

Aussietanks comes in three different sizes, the smaller 120 and 260 gallon sizes are perfect for small homes, camping and other recreation purpose. The larger 530 gallon water holding tank is more suited to a household with large manicured lawns and vegetation. No matter what your intended purpose for your Aussietanks, we are confident in its quality and therefore offer a one year guarantee on all units we sell. If you are looking for portable water tanks for your camping, or you would like water storage containers to bring down you water bill, then Aussietanks are the solution for you. With a low initial investment, easy installation and versatility, you can’t go wrong with Aussietanks!