Aussietanks – The Ultimate Rainwater Collection Systems in Charlotte, NC

The climate in the city of Charlotte is like much of the south – a humid subtropical climate with plenty of rain over the summer and early fall. If you want to make the most of this for your home, and ensure you have enough rainwater over the April-May period, then a Aussietanks water storage tank is for you.

The Aussietanks is superior to other rainwater barrels available in Charlotte in a number of ways. Firstly, unlike other water storage barrels, it’s fully portable and collapsible – yet can still be plumbed into a graywater system. This means you get the convenience of a moveable tank, with the ability to use the water through a regular hose or graywater flush. It’s important to note that a Aussietanks isn’t a potable water tank, but it is suitable for collecting and storing water to be used on gardens and washing cars, etc. Like other fixed and portable water tanks, sediment settles at the bottom well below the outlet – but unlike other water tanks for sale in Charlotte, you can collapse and clean it out at the end of the season!

Aussietanks are easy to set up, and can be constructed in under 20 minutes. Think of it like setting up a tent; the metal frame simply clicks together in and around the marine grade fabric and waterproof bladder. You can place your Aussietanks anywhere it’s needed – out in the yard, alongside your house, in the garage. With all this portability, you’d think it would be tiny – but Aussietanks is actually one of the biggest rain barrels on the market, at up to 530 gallons.

You can buy rain barrels in Charlotte from the comfort of your own home – no need to visit a hardware store, simply place your order on the Aussietanks website and have your new rain barrel delivered to your door in days. We ship Aussietanks complete with plumbing accessories, so you can connect it to your existing system, or link it up as a convenient overflow to your current water holding tank.

Please refer to the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources to determine whether a larger capacity Aussietanks water storage container may fit requirements for rainwater harvesting credits in your local area, as well as other handy ideas on how to store water in Charlotte.