Affordable water tanks for sale in Chicago

With people becoming increasingly concerned about the impact their individual household is having on the environment, rainwater collection systems are becoming increasingly popular in American homes. With healthy annual precipitation, water storage containers in Chicago are a fantastic way to both do your bit for the environment and reduce your water bill. Due to high urban density, however, many rain barrels are ill suited for water storage in Chicago. To address this problem, Aussietanks have developed portable water tanks that offer both ergonomic design and affordability for city and suburban households.

The genius of the Aussietanks design is its ability to be flat-packed. Made from a marine grade PVC bladder and a study steel frame, the Aussietanks is a highly portable water container which can be move with ease when both broken down. Encased with a mesh cover the Aussietanks can also be made discreet, meaning any housing corps regulations or sense of style can be accommodated for. Furthermore, the flat-pack ability means that during the cold winter months, your Aussietanks can be packed away for easy storage and safe keeping. This ensures no damage will be sustained from frozen water expansion, which can cause cracking in other water storage barrels.

Coming in three convenient sizes the Aussietanks portable water tanks can cater to a wide range of households. The 120 and 260 gallon sizes offer smaller households convenient water storage, while the massive 530 gallon tank can cater to large properties that require significant volumes of water for extensive landscaping needs.

There are specific laws for how to store water in Chicago. You are allowed to harvest rainwater for both landscaping and other recreational purposes. Potable water tanks are also permitted if the water receives proper treatment which makes it safe for human ingestion.

One of the major benefits of a Aussietanks is its simple installation. Generally taking fewer than 20 minutes to install, all you need to do is construct your Aussietanks and direct your runoff pipe onto its catchment lid. This easy setup makes it one of the simplest and most convenient water storage containers on the market. With a low initial cost, a high return on investment and a one year guarantee, we are confident that our Aussietanks can offer you a brilliant water storage solution. So if you are in the market to buy rain barrels, choose a Aussietanks for the superior rainwater collection and storage.