Rainwater collection systems in Columbus

Would you like to do your part for the environment while saving money on water bills? Buy rainwater barrels in Columbus and take advantage of the many great benefits Aussietanks can offer your home. As a city that experiences moderate rain throughout the year, storing water in Columbus is quite achievable and will result in savings on your water bill as well as helping to conserve mains water.

The portable water tanks for sale through Aussietanks offer a convenient solution to those who would like to use rainwater throughout the home. As a collapsible tank, you can move and store it wherever you like and installation can be completed in as little as twenty minutes. This differs from some other cisterns and barrels that are a more permanent structure to your home and do not offer the freedom to move it if you decide to rearrange your outdoor area.

The Aussietanks offers much more than simple portability and convenience though, with a water holding tank from us you are guaranteed a product that is built to last. As a completely enclosed barrel, you can rest easy knowing your rainwater is free from nasty debris as well as mosquitoes and other pests. It is also packed within a small box making it great when moving properties or going camping.

Collecting rainwater in water storage barrels offers many benefits to the environment as well as your home. In a typical home, many of the household tasks like flushing toilets and washing cars is done using quality drinking water, all the while rainwater is going to waste. With Aussietanks water storage containers you utilize the rainwater that falls onto your property and use it for things where drinking water is not required.

Rainwater has many uses including toilets, car washing and laundry. One of its biggest uses however is in the garden. With a supply of water that is low in salt and free from chemicals, you can tend to your outdoor areas with ease. You can also get potable water tanks that will provide drinking water to the home.

If you would like even more information on how to store water in your Columbus home or which storage tank is best suited for your requirements just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Refer to your local council regarding any permits and regulations for rainwater harvesting in your home.