Do you want a water storage tank Dallas residents trust to effectively conserve rainwater? Talk to us at Aussietanks

There are few better ideas a Dallas home owner can have than deciding to collect and store rainwater for irrigation and graywater purposes. With average Dallas homes spending up to 60% of their summer water bills on landscape watering and irrigation, it’s vital to spend some time considering how to store water and who sells the most affordable and effective water storage barrels in Dallas. The answer to both of these conundrums is a Aussietanks! Our water tanks for sale are fully collapsible for easy storage, can be transported when empty or full, and their capacity for storing water ranges from 120 gallons to 530 gallons.

Not only can the use of one of our portable water tanks lower your water bills, incorporating them into rainwater collection systems can help you avoid City of Dallas fines for water usage during restricted hours by weaning you off the Texas water network. Our largest 530 gallon tank size is ideal for supplementing any rainwater harvesting set up, and its transportable nature means it can be moved to accommodate any home improvement or landscaping changes.

Our Aussietanks online store allows you to buy rainwater barrels across Dallas and have them shipped right to your door. Other sites will sell you potable water tanks with a rigid and unwieldy construction that you’ll have to transport from their place of business; but because our water storage containers break down to a fraction of their size, we can send them directly to you.

Major rainfall doesn’t come too often in Dallas – Texas itself is the 16th driest state in the entire United States of America, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If water restrictions come into place during a drought or dry spell, you don’t want to be using your precious allocation for anything that isn’t absolutely vital. If you’ve got a Aussietanks installed during the wet season, you’re sure to have a considerable backup water source for gardening, washing and miscellaneous graywater purposes when it gets dry and hot.

There really isn’t a more durable or versatile water holding tank for Dallas households and businesses. Aussietanks receptacles are so portable that they can be installed outdoors or on a suitably reinforced roof: any establishment can enjoy the financial and conservation benefits of rainwater harvesting.