Aussietanks – The Ultimate Water Storage Barrels for Detroit Homes

Detroit enjoys a humid continental climate, with average rainfalls of up to 3-3.5 inches in summer and fall. With all that rain, there’s plenty of opportunity for using rainwater barrels to collect and store water for the summer. Aussietanks are an affordable, portable solution for the city’s renters and DIYers- and now, you can buy Aussietanks rain barrels in Detroit from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered to your door. We ship all sizes of Aussietanks water tanks for sale Detroit wide, so wherever you are in the city limits, you can afford to start saving water too.

Aussietanks are the ideal water storage tank for a number of reasons. First, they’re fully portable; the frame is able to be disassembled and reassembled, and the marine grade watertight bladder simply stretches across and around it. You can set up your water container in seconds, and because it’s portable, you can move and set it up where you need – ideal for, say, the side of the house where a traditional barrel wouldn’t fit through. You can even transport them when full, making them true portable water tanks, ideal for occasions such as camping trips to the lake shore and the like.
They also work well with other rainwater collection systems, as they can be plumbed into permanent and semi-permanent downpipes and garden watering systems like any other water holding tank – but with the added benefit that they can be set up anywhere in minutes. It’s important to note that Aussietanks are not designed to be potable water tanks – they’re for graywater, washing and gardens only – though they are compatible with tank add-ons such as standardized electric filtration systems.

If you’ve been wondering how to store water in Detroit during the winter months, Aussietanks is the ideal solution. Unlike plastic rain barrels and similar methods of storing water, a Aussietanks will not burst if it’s at capacity when part or all of the water freezes. The marine grade bladder is designed to be flexible – and if you have space, you can even move your full or partly full Aussietanks into a covered area to prevent freezing in the first place.

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