Aussietanks – The First Fully Portable Water Tanks in El Paso

Texas is one of the driest states in the continental US, and El Paso in particular receives an average of just 8.7 inches of rainfall per year. It’s also in the bottom ten US cities for days with precipitation; it only rains in El Paso an average of 46 days per year. This means that every single gallon of rainwater is precious, and storm water or rainwater collection systems should be a real priority for any homeowner or renter wanting to keep their garden looking green and lush – not to mention washing their car and other graywater applications.

Only by using rainwater barrels in El Paso can locals avoid being caught short by municipal ordinances such as the Water Conservation Ordinance, which applies to water from the El Paso Water Utilities supply system. If you’re looking for a water holding tank that can not only stand up to the summer heat, but can also be set up or moved in minutes, think Aussietanks.

Aussietanks water storage containers are the only ones on the market that are fully collapsible and transportable. You can even move them when full, ideal for watering more remote parts of your property or for sharing water with a neighbor. You can set them up in minutes yourself – it’s like pitching a tent, but simpler – and allows for DIY plumbing (water container hardware is included). Aussietanks water holding tanks don’t need a solid base to sit on, so they can go where they’re needed. Aussietanks come in capacities of up to 530 gallons, but you can increase the overall capacity by plumbing multiple water storage barrels together at the base. If you’re new to water conservation and feel as though you don’t know the first thing about how to store water in El Paso, a Aussietanks is the ideal introduction to storing water for your own private use.

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NB: In accordance with Texas Health and Safety Codes, Aussietanks are not designed to operate as potable water tanks. If you wish to drink the water you collect, ensure that you have attached a legally compliant filtration system. Aussietanks is compatible with many standardized filters.