Rain Water Collection Systems in Fresno

Why should you be asking how to store water in Fresno?

With only 11.5 inches of rainfall a year, the City of Fresco very nearly qualifies as having a semi-desert climate. Water in the San Joaquin Valley has been a sensitive issue for many years. After several dry winters and the water table continually dropping, officials in the urban areas are urging residents to reduce their water usage to 200 gallons a day per person. As a further encouragement, metered water usage has been introduced, increasing the cost of running a household and looking after your garden.

Fortunately, Aussietanks is here to help with our range of water storage containers. With a portable water tank from Aussietanks, you can conserve the rainfall that runs off your roof for use in your garden or home. Setting up one of our collapsible rainwater barrels is easy and takes less than two minutes. You can set it up wherever is most efficient for collecting rain and distributing it where and when you like. Furthermore, if you move house, you can take it with you. Our water tanks for sale in Fresno come in three sizes to suit the requirements of your home –120, 260, and 530 gallons. Whichever size you choose, your Aussietanks is made of the highest quality materials and will provide service for many years to come.

While some people are using their Aussietanks as potable water tanks, many Americans are nervous about drinking rainwater. Even if you don’t intend to use your collected rain for drinking, it can make a significant impact on your household water usage. You could use your rainwater harvest for doing a load of washing or watering your garden – or get two uses from each gallon by using a graywater friendly washing powder, then using the run off on your garden. You get similar double benefits by washing your car with rainwater while it’s parked on the lawn.

To ensure you’re compliant with local and state laws when installing your water storage barrel, it pays to consult your local authorities. Many areas have different regulations regarding rainfall and its uses, so check their website. When installing your water holding tank, it’s recommended to establish it in a shaded spot, to prevent evaporation in the hot, midday sun.

To buy rain barrels in Fresno, look no further than Aussietanks. We deliver across America, right to your home, making storing water an easy task.