Aussietanks offer simple and portable water tanks in Houston

With a dry – really dry – climate and low annual precipitation, rainwater collection systems in Huston offer all households a fantastic way to improve water conservation. As an increasingly scarce resource, fresh water collection and storage is becoming a popular method in America to both protect the environment and reduce home water bills. Many people, however, remain reluctant to buy rainwater barrels due to their high cost and often difficult installation process. Here at Aussietanks, we have developed simple and modern water storage containers to address these concerns and make rainwater harvesting a viable option for all American homes.

Combining clever design with affordable pricing, our Aussietanks have been specifically built with the urban environment in mind. The main container of a Aussietanks is constructed from a marine grade PVC bladder, supported by a sturdy steel frame and encased in an attractive mesh cover. What is truly revolutionary about the Aussietanks design is its flat-pack ability, making it one of the most portable water tanks on the market today. This flat-pack design also makes for easy storage should you wish to collapse your tank during dry months, when water storage is less of a concern.
Installation is similarly easy, and often takes less than 20 minutes. All you need to do is construct your Aussietanks, direct your runoff pipe onto the catchment lid and then point the bendable Aussietanks overflow pipe towards your drain. This is a significant improvement on other rainwater barrels that are often fixed and have a cumbersome installation process. There are specific laws about how to store water in Huston, with special attention being paid to potable water tanks. The legislation requires that all harvest rainwater intended for potable purposes must first be treated to meet drinking water safety standards. It also allows for some state tax exemption on the purchase of rainwater harvesting equipment. For a detailed overview of these statutes, visit the website of The National Conference of State Legislatures.

Coming in a range of different sizes, Aussietanks water storage barrels are suited for a wide range of different households and purposes. The smaller 120 and 260 gallon sizes are perfect for small homes or recreational and camping activities. The massive 530 gallon water holding tank meanwhile is better suited for large households with extensive landscaping water needs. All water tanks that we sell come with a one year guarantee, meaning you can rest assured of the quality and longevity of all Aussietanks.

As one of the simplest and most convenient water tanks for sale currently in the US, we are confident that our Aussietanks can meet all your water harvesting needs.