Aussietanks is your one-stop-shop to buy rain barrels in Illinois

With the world facing dwindling water resources, many people are looking at alternative to mains delivered water to meet their personal needs. Rainwater collection systems are becoming increasingly popular in America as a way to both reduce household water bills, and conserve environmental resources. Here at Aussietanks we produce sophisticated water storage barrels in Illinois, which have been specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the urban environment. Our Aussietanks offer homeowners a simple solution for harvesting precipitation, making large cumbersome water storage containers a thing of the past.

Built from a marine grade PVC bladder supported by a strong steel frame, the secret to Aussietanks’s revolutionary design is its flat-pack ability. We realised that to meet the demands of modern households, Aussietanks had to be both easily portable and storable. This is why all of our water containers are able to be broken back down into their flat boxes. Traditional water tanks in Illinois generally do not weather the cold winter months very well, and can crack when their contents freeze and expand. Aussietanks solves this problem, and can be easily stored away when not in use. Its portability also means you can take your Aussietanks with you should you happen to move homes.

The laws governing how to store water in Illinois are fairly straight forward. You are allowed to gather and store rainwater for landscaping and other recreational purposes; however, if you wish to collect water for drinking you will need to treat it first. It should be noted that Aussietanks by themselves are not potable water tanks and require additional water filtration systems to make rainwater drinkable.

Another major advantage of a Aussietanks is its simple and fast installation. To construct your Aussietanks all you need to do is assemble the steel piping, bladder and mesh covering, and then direct your runoff pipe onto its catchment lid. The whole process generally takes less than 20 minutes. This makes Aussietanks one of the simplest water storage barrels on the market today, and is a significant improvement on the sometimes difficult installation process large fixed water tanks require.

Coming in three convenient sizes, our portable water tanks are able to cater to a wide range of households. The smaller 120 and 260 gallon containers are perfectly suited to smaller or individual homes, while the massive 530 gallon tank can cater to large properties which might need large amounts of water for landscaping.
The Aussietanks rainwater collection systems are ideal for any home, and with every unit coming with a one year guarantee, you can rest assured that your Aussietanks is built to last.