High quality portable water tanks for sale in Indiana

With hot, humid summers accompanied by thunderstorms, it is little surprise that many residents are reaping the benefits of water storage containers in Indiana. With a decent amount of rainfall throughout the year, especially between March and August, storing water is not only achievable but can leave you saving heaps on your water bills.

With no statutes or known laws regarding the use of rainwater collection systems in Indiana, owners are allowed to collect and use any collected water as they see fit. Rainwater is great for a range of uses throughout the home including toilet flushing, laundry, car or boat washing plus heaps more. Potable water tanks will even allow you to drink what you collect thereby significantly reducing the amount of ground or reservoir water you are using.

Due to the quality of rainwater, it is often used in irrigation as it is low in salt and free from chemicals that may harm plant life and soil. A water holding tank allows you to care for your garden throughout the year and ensure they stay healthy even in the warmer months. Best of all, you can tend to your outdoor areas whilst still doing your part to conserve water.

If you are looking for water storage barrels in Indiana that are affordable and convenient, you cannot go past Aussietanks. Aussietanks has developed a collapsible storage tank that offers superior portability and strength. We wanted to make water conservation an easy task, helping home owners to have a system that was easy to set up and move when necessary.  That is why our tanks are light weight allowing you to take them with you whether you move properties or like to go camping.

In just twenty minutes you can install a system on your property and start benefitting as you learn how to store water effectively. With a range of sizes going up to 530 gallons, you can ensure you have a sufficient water supply when it is needed. On top of this, you can benefit from a tank without sacrificing precious space in your yard as it is compact and easily moved even when full.

If you would like to buy rainwater barrels for your Indiana home, simply head to our order page or give us a call. We are happy to help you choose the perfect size barrel for your needs and answer any questions you might have regarding our products. For information on permits and regulations, please contact your local council.