Buy rainwater barrels in Kentucky

Kentucky is a rather wet state, as it receives 48.9 inches of rain per year in comparison to the national average of 28.1 inches. Having said this, much of the wet weather is in winter – and the summer months can be very hot and dry, with drought conditions relatively common. In fact, in 2007 much of the state was in the grip of a drought hailed as the worst since the “Dust Bowl” years of the Great Depression. For this reason, it makes sense to install a rainwater collection system in Kentucky. Unlike some other states, The Bluegrass State has no restrictions in terms of harvesting rainwater, so it is completely legal to have a potable water tank on your property – whether you’re storing water to drink or water your garden.

Are you wondering how to store water around your home without installing a permanent tank? Here at Aussietanks, we have created the answer. Made for the suburban backyard, our portable water storage containers are the first of their kind on the market, and they are perfect for Kentuckians with limited space. Our tanks are very easy to assemble and disassemble – meaning they can be easily moved around the backyard, or even between houses if necessary. In fact, they can be set up in as little as 20 minutes, even by someone with very little handyman experience. This feature really does give our portable water tanks the edge over permanent models, as they do not require a plumber for installation and can be moved about as your needs change. In addition, you will find that our products are very cost effective in comparison to other tanks on the market.

Our tanks are made from extremely durable material, and can used for a number of different purposes. We have three sizes available; 120 gal, 260 gal, and 530 gal, so there is a size to cater for most needs. Many people have found that the smaller water storage barrels are great for camping trips where you need to carry your own potable water, as they can easily fit in the back of a pick-up truck. The large water holding tanks are great for storing water in the suburban backyard – and have even been put to use around the stables in Lexington!

If you are looking for a company that has water storage tanks for sale in Kentucky, look no further than Aussietanks. You will be impressed by the versatility of our products, so give us a call today with any questions you might have.