Water Storage in Las Vegas

Why is storing water in Las Vegas so important? While it may have plenty of shops, casinos, resorts, and their associated wealth, the city is severely lacking in water. It receives just four inches of rain a year, to support an ever-growing population that recently topped two million. The local administrators have several ambitious plans in action to draw more water to the city, including a $7billion project to pump groundwater from four valleys in eastern Nevada, while reducing its reliance on the Colorado River and Lake Mead Reservoir.

While the government is making big plans, local residents could be helping by making smaller ones. Rainwater collection systems from Las Vegas rooftops could assist with helping residents water their garden, flush their toilet, and wash their laundry. If you’re a local asking ‘how best to store water’, you’ve come to the right site. Aussietanks offers excellent water storage containers that were created with urban areas in mind.

Our water storage barrels have benefits such as:

  • Quick and easy set up – can be installed in as little as twenty minutes.
  • Simple to connect to your downpipe or roof guttering.
  • Made from quality materials, such as zinc-plated steel and marine-grade PVC.
  • Portable water tanks can be moved with ease.
  • Straightforward to dismantle and pack for storage if needed.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

With all these benefits, Aussietanks make ideal rainwater barrels, capturing this precious resource to be used where it’s needed most. With three sizes – 120, 260, and 530 gallons – we have the right water holding tank for your household needs. Whether you’re looking to keep your vegetable garden product, your car clean, or your clothes laundered, buy a rain barrel and start reaping the benefits of collected rainwater today.

Aussietanks can also be used as potable water tanks, but you will need to check the local council regulations and install a separate rainwater filter system to ensure the water is safe to drink. Alternatively, you can use your water tank for collecting graywater from your laundry or bathroom basins and then redistributing it across your garden. While the local Nevada authorities are not overly keen on graywater systems, believing that actually increases overall consumption, there are no bylaws against it, so it is up to the individual householder to decide what’s best for their home.

For the best water tanks for sale in Las Vegas, look no further – Aussietanks have the best product at the best price.