Aussietanks are the easiest solution for water storage in Los Angeles

As immortalized in the Roman Polanski film Chinatown, Los Angeles has a long history of water scarcity. While the dry and sunny climate might embody part of the enviable Californian lifestyle, it does little to improve the ever dwindling water resources. This is why in recent times rainwater collection systems in Los Angeles have significantly increased in popularity. They offer a viable way to harvest precipitation for homeowners, which both helps contribute to environmental sustainability and decrease residential water costs. Many homeowners however remain reluctant to buy rainwater barrels due their often high upfront cost and complicated installation process.

Here at Aussietanks we have developed a range of water storage containers that are ergonomic, simple and portable. This has revolutionized the market for water storage tanks and made the collection of rainwater much more accessible and feasible for Californian homeowners. Made from marine grade PVC, Aussietanks are held together by a study steel frame and encased by an attractive mesh cover. Designed specifically to be flat-pack assembled, Aussietanks can generally be setup in less than 20 minutes making it the easiest to install water container on the American market today.
This flat-pack design makes Aussietanks highly compact and portable water tanks, ensuring that they are easily stored when not required. Their portability means you have complete control over tank placement, and allows you to take your Aussietanks with you should you ever move house.

The legislation about how to store water in Los Angeles is very specific in allowing for the collection of rainwater for landscaping, and other non-potable purposes. This means storing water on your property is legal however using your Aussietanks as a potable water tank is not allowed.

Aussietanks come in three different sizes, 120, 260 and 530 gallons ensuring that no matter the scale of your water conservation program, there is a water holding tank for you. Multiple containers can even be connected for the serious water storage enthusiast. With an easy installation that takes less than 20 minutes, never before has there been a rain barrel that offers such a simple setup.
Developed especially for residential environments, we are confident that our Aussietanks are the perfect solution for your home rainwater collection system. With a low setup cost and a high return on investment, Aussietanks are the easy way to reduce your water bills while also doing your bit to protect the environment. With a one year guarantee, we are confident that your Aussietanks will provide you with outstanding water tanks.