We have portable water tanks for sale in Maryland

If the water supply was shut off in your neighborhood, how would you cope? Residents of Prince George’s County, MD, nearly found out in July 2013, as a damaged water main in Forestville threatened to leave the area dry. As it was, locals were subject to mandatory water restrictions for quite some time as the pipe was repaired. In these types of emergency scenarios, water storage tanks are a great way to ensure you have your own supply.

If you are thinking about setting up a rainwater collection system and storing water around your home, look no further than the products on offer at Aussietanks. We sell water storage containers in Maryland to suit a wide range of uses, with 120 gal, 260 gal and 530 gal models on offer. This means you will be able to find a tank suitable for your specific needs, whether you want to capture rainwater for the garden, or be able to take potable water with you on a lengthy camping trip.

In suburban areas where backyard space is precious, it pays to have a portable water storage barrel that is easy to move. Our products are quick and simple to assemble, and you can do so in just 20 minutes without any professional assistance – there is no need to call in a plumber for installation! Permanent water storage tanks may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you decide you want to move them it can often prove to be a very difficult task. Even if you are moving house, our products can be easily disassembled and loaded into the back of a pick-up for easy transportation.

Water holding tanks are also a great way to make your home more environmentally friendly. It is important to conserve water wherever possible, especially during the warmer months when the water supply is typically lower. With thunderstorms common in the Maryland area, it makes sense to capture rainwater and utilize our potable water tanks so that you always have a little extra water on hand during the heat of summer.

If you are looking for a place to buy rainwater barrels in Maryland, contact the team at Aussietanks today. We are more than happy to provide information on how to store water and answer any questions you might have in regards to setting up a rainwater collection system.