Aussietanks is the leading provider of portable water storage tanks in Massachusetts

If you’re wondering how to store water more effectively, we have the answer. Our DIY water holding tanks provide Massachusetts households with a simple and cost-effective solution for collecting and saving rainwater as well as promoting more sustainable household practices in the process.

Aussietanks water storage containers are:

  • Portable and easily transportable – even when full
  • Quick, easy and very cheap to install – there is no plumber required
  • Easy to assemble in just 20 minutes.
  • Compact; they take up very little room, and be integrated seamlessly with the rest of the house.

The tough but flexible PVC material of Aussietanks makes them super easy to collapse and store away. This material also has enough give to bend – a particularly handy feature for the snowy Massachusetts winter, which can often cause water storage barrels and pipes to burst.

The harvested rainwater or gray water can be used for your garden, to wash your car – and benefits the environment too! Although it’s important to note that our barrels were not designed to function as potable water tanks, their compatibility with separate electronic pumps and filters means they can also produce a supplementary supply of drinking water for your home.

They are available in three sizes – 120 gal, 260 gal, and 530 gal – with the smaller size perfect to use for camping and during festivals. Their portability also means that the rainwater barrel can be carried away from the house to water parts of the garden which are out of reach of the garden hose.

When it comes to rainwater collection systems in Massachusetts, our portable water tanks for sale offer a simple and effective solution. There are a number of plumbing options, including:

  • Connecting a downpipe to the top of the barrel
  • Connecting a diverter to the top of the barrel (whether pipe or hose)
  • Connecting a diverter to the unit’s side inlet (pipe or hose)
  • Plumbing two units together

When you buy rain barrels with us, your product’s quality is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind.

To find out more about our range, or to buy your new Aussietanks barrel, simply order online. We offer speedy delivery across the range. You can also fill out an enquiry form online to have one of our team members get back to you with more info.

Start storing water with Aussietanks today!