Aussietanks – The Ultimate Affordable, Convenient & Portable Rain Barrel for Memphis Homes

Have you been considering rainwater collection systems for your Memphis home? Are you looking for an affordable way of storing water, and want to know how to store water more efficiently? Then you’ve come to the right page. Aussietanks are the ultimate rainwater barrels for flexible, convenient water storage that’s easy to set up by yourself in minutes.

Because Memphis gets as little as 2.8 inches of rainfall per month mid summer, it’s important to have rainwater barrels that can be moved, placed, plumbed in and generally utilized for the optimal harvest and storage of rainwater. This means a water storage tank that can be connected to your downpipe where it stands without any need for building a base or a new outlet. It also means a truly portable water tank which can be moved to a shaded, cool storage area to prevent evaporation in summer. The inside of the water container itself should also ideally be durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions without splitting. Aussietanks water storage barrels boast all this and more:

  • Easy to set up – less than 20 minutes
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Choice of capacities – 120, 260 or 530 gallon water holding tank
  • Plumbing fittings incl. faucet all included
  • Shade cover for extra protection
  • Marine-grade internal bladder
  • Can be plumbed together for instant extra capacity

Aussietanks can even be moved when they’re full or partially full. This makes them ideal for a variety of situations including emergency preparedness and camping at any one of the region’s great parks – especially in parts of state parks and national forests within and just outside the Shelby County area where lake or river water may not be suitable for washing or flushing.

Ordering online from Aussietanks is a convenient alternative for those who want to buy rain barrels in Memphis, but don’t have the time to visit a hardware store. We ship all our water tanks for sale within the contiguous US at affordable rates.

NB: Aussietanks are not designed as potable water tanks. For your own safety, please make sure you use an appropriate filtration system. Aussietanks is compatible with a variety of filters that attach directly to the faucet.