Aussietanks – The Premier Portable Water Tanks in Michigan

Michigan is blessed with a continental climate; shorter warm to hot summers and long cold winters, with rainfall concentrated in the late spring and the summer months. The state receives a yearly average of 30-40 inches of rain per year. With all that rainfall, there’s plenty of opportunity to buy rain barrels in Michigan and make sure you’ve got plenty of water for the garden all year round. If you’re wondering how to store water and are considering stormwater harvesting or rainwater collection systems, think Aussietanks.

Aussietanks are the ideal water storage tank for the local climate for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re the only totally portable water tanks for sale in Michigan, so you can set one up where and when it’s needed on your property. You can even empty and pack it up if it’s not needed for the winter. Like other rainwater barrels, they can be plumbed in with an existing downpipe or rooftop based system – but unlike other water storage barrels, they can also be removed and moved without any damage to the structure itself. You can even transport a full or partially full barrel, making the Aussietanks ideal for watering more remote parts of your property or for taking on camping trips where using lake water would be impractical or unsafe. It’s important to note that Aussietanks are not designed to be potable water tanks, although they are compatible with electronic systems and pumps used to clean and filter rainwater for drinking – simply connect the filtration system to the faucet at the base.

For those concerned about their outdoor water storage containers bursting in the winter, Aussietanks is the ideal solution. The marine grade interior water bladder is designed to move and flex, making it resistant to both bursting from freezing and general storm damage from debris. For extreme weather situations, they’re also an ideal method of storing water in preparation for mains water being shut off – they can be filled with tap water via the inlet. This means you don’t have to stock up on bottled water or smaller water holding tanks; just one or two Aussietanks will do the trick.

Aussietanks is the most affordable water container of its kind in Michigan, on a dollar-per-gallon-capacity basis. We invite you to compare for yourself, and order your Aussietanks online today.