The Perfect Water Holding Tank for Milwaukee

With an annual rainfall of 35 inches, snowfall of 50 inches, and bordering on one of the largest lake systems in the world, Milwaukee has access to plenty of water – it’s just a matter of using and storing water in the right way. The Diary City is certainly moving in the right direction. Home to more than 130 water technology companies, an emphasis on the Circles of Sustainability, and an innovative water council, it’s no wonder this city was the co-winner of the US Water Alliance’s 2012 US Water Prize.

Residents can play their part in this watery innovation by setting up rainwater collection systems on their homes and outbuildings. At the basis of every good system are reliable water storage containers – and that’s where Aussietanks come in.

We’re suppliers of the best rainwater barrels Milwaukee has access to. Our collapsible water tanks for sale are ideal for setting up a rain harvesting system in your home. Designed with the urban landscape and its demands in mind, our tanks are easy to set up wherever you want. They come in a lightweight, flat pack box, making it simple carry the box to wherever you wish to set it up, whether it’s a difficult-to-reach spot behind the garden shed or a convenient place next to the patio. Once it place, you can get started setting it up.

Each water storage tank comes with a durable, zinc-plated steel frame, marine-grade PVC bladder, and stylish mesh cover to keep your tank free of debris. The entire set up process – from slotting the frame together to connecting up your down pipe – takes only about twenty minutes. With dismantling taking about a similar time, it’s easy to pack your water storage barrel away before the first freeze of winter and set it up again before the first thaw of the spring, capturing the melting snow for use throughout the summer.

Our portable water tanks are also ideal for use away from home. The smaller sizes are easy to transport even when full, making them useful for camping or staying at the holiday home on the lake. You’ll never ask how to store water in Milwaukee again. Aussietanks will need an additional filter to become potable water tanks, but once fitted, they’ll supply you with plenty of drinking supplies.
Don’t delay, buy rain barrels in Milwaukee today and start saving your money plus do your bit for the environment. Purchase a Aussietanks and we’ll deliver straight to your door.