Aussietanks has a better solution for storing water in Nevada

With its high proportion of desert and semi-arid regions, Nevada is the USA’s driest state. It is also a place of extreme weather conditions; daytime temperatures during summer can reach up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, while during winter it can get as cold as -50 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The average annual rainfall is just 7 inches (approx) – the lowest in the USA.

In conditions like these, Aussietanks’s rainwater collection systems are a fantastic investment. Composed of a durable PVC bladder and zinc-plated steel frame, the Aussietanks is a water holding tank designed to give Nevada residents a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective way to collect and store rainwater for their households.

Our rainwater barrels allow you to collect and save your own supply of the precious rainwater that Nevada does receive, giving you a supplementary supply for use in your house and garden. Whether it’s for washing your car, watering your plants or general home use – this is a great way to promote sustainable practices in your home and ensure you’re not relying on public supply of this ever-diminishing resource. When plumbed appropriately, Aussietanks can also provide you with a potable water supply.

These water storage barrels are compact, collapsible, and easily portable, meaning they can be moved to another property or location around the home – even when at full capacity. They can also be quickly stored away when not in use. Developed for quick DIY installation they can be assembled in just twenty minutes!

We have portable water tanks for sale online in three sizes: 120 gal, 260 gal and 530 gal. Because they’re portable even when full, the 120 gal size is ideal for camping trips and festivals. Depending on the collection capacity you require, you can either buy rain barrels singularly to connect to a single downpipe; buy two or more to connect to multiple downpipes; or plumb two tanks together.

So if you’re wondering how to store water cheaply, flexibly and easily in Nevada’s dry climate, look no further than Aussietanks. The quality and durability of our water storage containers is backed by our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We offer speedy shipping across the range of storage tanks, so order yours online today! Or to find out more, simply fill in an online enquiry form to have us get back to you as soon as possible.