How to store water in New Mexico

Why are rain water collection systems in New Mexico so important?

It’s estimated that in the western states, more than half of the mains water consumed is used for irrigating lawns and gardens. The impact of this use is twofold; one, there is less water for drinking and other in-home uses; and two, the energy and expense that goes into treating the water to make it suitable for consumption is wasted. Households can therefore make a significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources by installing a water storage barrel.

Many people are reluctant to buy rain barrels, as they have concerns about the cost and effort of installing water storage containers. Aussietanks removes these concerns with our easy-to-set-up, affordable rainwater barrels. Installation takes less than 20 minutes, with the zinc-plated steel frame easily clipping to the PVC marine bladder. Arriving in a single small box, the Aussietanks can be delivered straight to your home and easily moved from house to house.

If the water is treated, Aussietanks can also be used as potable water tanks. If you’re unsure about the best way to have healthy drinking water for your family from a container, it’s best to consult your local council, who will have a full list of the regulations set in place to keep residents healthy.

A Aussietanks water storage tank in New Mexico is also useful for graywater irrigation. Since 2003, New Mexicans have been allowed to use their graywater – from sources such as washing machines and kitchen sinks – for irrigation on their lawns and gardens, provided it is less than 250 gallons per day. Our portable water tanks are ideal for collecting the graywaste from your kitchen and laundry and storing it until it’s needed in your garden, which you can do in this state for up to 24 hours. It is recommended that you use washing powders and detergents that are ‘garden friendly’, those that are low in phosphorous, nitrogen, salts, greases and oils, bleaches, and corrosive chemicals and have relatively neutral pH levels.

Even little actions like installing a water holding tank can make a difference in such a drought ravaged state. With the Elephant Butte Reservoir frequently less than a fifth of its full capacity and groundwater levels consistently dropping, every effort in storing water is needed.

You can view our water tanks for sale and place an order here on our website. Simply select your size – 120, 260, or 530 gallons – and enter your details.