The best rainwater collection system in New York

With water becoming an increasingly scarce resource, many households are turning to rainwater collection systems in New York to conserve and sustain this valuable asset. In such a high density city, many homeowners face problems when it comes to the placement and installation of large rainwater barrels, many of which are large cumbersome tanks ill-suited for an urban environment. Here at Aussietanks we have designed a solution for water storage containers in New York that is simple, ergonomic and portable – making rainwater collection easier than ever before. The Aussietanks’s main container is made from a marine grade PVC bladder held in place by a robust steel frame, allowing it to weather high intensity storms. Fully enclosed by mesh cover, the genius of a Aussietanks is its flat-pack, ready-to-assemble design. This functionality makes Aussietanks incredibly compact when not in use, so they can easily be stored during winter months. They are also highly portable water tanks, meaning you can move them around your property or even transport between homes should you move.

Coming in three convenient sizes from 120 and 260 gallons, right up to a hefty 530 gallons, there is a Aussietanks solution for every home. The easy installation generally takes less than 20 minutes; all you need to do is assemble the tubular frame and direct your drain pipe on top of the Aussietanks. Never before has it been so easy to setup a water holding tank in New York.
The laws governing how to store water in New York are still being fully developed, with legislation tabled in 2012 allowing tax exemptions for residential and commercial real estate owners who purchase and install rainwater collection systems. There are however no restrictions on harvesting and storing water for potable and landscaping / recreational purposes. It should be noted however that Aussietanks by themselves are not potable water tanks, and will require an additional filtration system to make the water drinkable.

If you are looking for an easy way to have a positive impact on the environment, or you would simply like to reduce the amount of money you currently spend on water rates then Aussietanks are the awater tanks for you. With a low initial upfront cost, Aussietanks are highly affordable and are proven to offer a great long term return on investment. We are so confident in our product that we offer a one year guarantee on all units sold, meaning you can rest assured that all our water storage barrels are of the highest possible quality. So what are you waiting for? Get your Aussietanks solution today!