Aussietanks – The No. 1 Rain Barrel in North Carolina

If you’re looking for a convenient, portable rainwater harvesting and storage solution, then you’ve come to the right page. Aussietanks is the premier water storage tank for complete portability, quick setup, and reliable collection and storage of your rainwater. Unlike other water storage containers, it can be plumbed into a permanent or semi permanent system (such as one compliant with state rainwater credit regulations), but it can also be unhooked and transported in minutes.

Here’s why Aussietanks are the water storage barrels more North Carolina residents are relying on:

Portability: Aussietanks can be collapsed and transported in any car, should you move house or wish to relocate your water holding tank to another site. (note that we ship to your door). This makes it the ideal solution for renters who have been wondering how to store water without investing in a fixture.

Transportation: The smaller Aussietanks are ideal as portable water tanks even when full. Collect rainwater and take it camping with you; you won’t need to pitch your site close to a mosquito ridden river or lake. Or, share your extra rainwater with a neighbor or relative in need.

Easy setup: They’re simpler to set up than a tent, and you can even plumb your rainwater barrels yourself and connect them with an existing graywater system or garden watering system. The included hardware makes it easy to integrate Aussietanks with existing rainwater collection systems.

Simple connect: Unlike other non-potable water tanks for sale in North Carolina, you can connect two or three Aussietanks together from the base for higher capacity without any overflow wastage.

Collapsibility: If you have no need for storing water during the rainy summer, you can fully collapse your Aussietanks and pack it up for storage. Simply empty the Aussietanks, remove the bladder and disassemble the frame.

Guaranteed quality: All Aussietanks sizes come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and construction, in addition to state and federal consumer protections. You can rely on your Aussietanks for many seasons to come. It’s made with marine grade fabric, so unlike other materials, it won’t wear away or rust through with water.

Affordability: The Aussietanks is one of the most affordable water storage containers on the market. You can buy one of these rain barrels for as little as a quarter of the price on a gallon-capacity-per-dollar basis; we invite you to compare and see for yourself.