Rainwater collection systems in Ohio

Have you been considering a water holding tank for your Ohio property? As rainfall in the state is moderate with some cities experiencing more than half of its annual rainfall between May and October, storing water is a great option and can offer many benefits.

Water storage barrels allow you to keep a separate water supply in times of emergency or drought and can also provide a range of uses throughout the year. As water is such a precious resource it makes sense to make use of the rain that falls onto your roof. It allows you to reserve drinking water for personal consumption while using rainwater for household uses like washing cars and watering your lawn. Potable water tanks even allow you to store and supply drinking water for your family.

Just by making this simple switch you can do your part to conserve water in the local area and look after the environment. As an added bonus, you can even receive great savings on your bill as you reduce your usage of mains water. It is a simple and affordable solution to the diminishing water supplies and Aussietanks is here to help you make the switch easier than ever.

Aussietanks supplies water storage containers to Ohio homes that are stable, portable and completely collapsible. Setting up takes as little as twenty minutes and you can move your storage tank around your property with ease. This is especially handy for those with smaller yards who want the freedom of being able to alter their yard to suit their purpose. If the family is fond of travelling and camping, the barrel can even come with you.

The portable water tanks for sale through Aussietanks cater to your needs with an enclosed structure that keeps dirt and pests out of the rainwater you collect. We also have three sizes to choose from depending on what you intend to use your barrel for; these sizes are 120, 260 and 530 gallons. Buy more than one and you can set up a tank at each downpipe or simply plumb tanks together to achieve even more storage space.

If you would like more details on how to store water or would like to buy rainwater barrels in Ohio, get in touch with one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to help. We also recommend that you check for state laws and regulations regarding rainwater harvesting to ensure you adhere to any obligations.