We have portable water tanks for sale in Oregon

Oregon is often depicted as wet and raining – but this is only the case for some parts of the state. In fact, with an average annual rainfall of 27.4 inches, it is actually slightly lower the national average of 28.1 inches. The coast is relatively wet, with some parts of the Coast Range receiving a considerable 200 inches of rain per year. However, many people overlook the fact that 60 percent of Oregon is actually a desert region – and this means that storing water is a very important fact to consider for many people. These desert areas can receive as little as 7 inches of rain annually and are therefore very dry. Rainwater collection systems are most effective in Western Oregon where much of the annual rainfall is received in winter. In this region, summers are still relatively dry – and cities such as Portland can receive as little as 4 inches of rain between June and September. This means that is a great idea to collect rainwater during the wetter months so you have some extra water in reserve for summer. If you are looking to buy a rainwater barrel for your home, take a look at the products on offer here at Aussietanks!

Our high quality water storage containers are perfect for those looking to collect rainwater off the roofs of their houses – a practice that is completely legal and encouraged in this state. These tanks come in three sizes: 120 gal, 260 gal and 530 gal, so you are sure to find a water storage barrel that suits your needs and your backyard. Many people have found that the smaller sizes are great for camping trips, where you may need a potable water tank to carry your drinking water supply. For backyard use, the larger tank is ideal as you can store rainwater for your garden, washing the car or even to drink if you make use of appropriate filtration methods. Perhaps the biggest advantage of these portable water holdings tanks is the fact that they can be easy installed by the average person. You can set them up in as little as 20 minutes without any need to call for a plumber – and they can be easy dismantled and moved to a new location.

If you are wondering how to store water, give us a call here at Aussietanks. As a seller of high quality water storage tanks in Oregon, we can provide you with plenty of advice when it comes to storing water.