The best water storage tank a Pennsylvania household can order comes direct from us at Aussietanks

If you’re looking to establish one of the most effective rainwater collection systems Pennsylvania has ever seen, a Aussietanks is an excellent starting point. With the rainfall that much of the state sees, you’ll quickly be storing water at quantities that’ll put Lake Erie to shame. Effective water conservation is something that all United States residents can easily have a hand in, and it’s a direct and effective way to lessen pollution and reduce strain on waterways, lakes and various natural water sources.

When you buy rainwater barrels from Aussietanks, you can be sure that you won’t be stuck with a tank that you can’t move. All of our water storage containers are totally collapsible for ease of relocation – regardless of which size you purchase. As well as this, our range of water holding tank sizes – from 120 gallons to 530 gallons – can all be transported at any level of capacity. You won’t find another company specializing in rainwater collection that sells potable water tanks with the sheer portability of a Aussietanks.

We ship our water storage barrels Pennsylvania wide, and we’re able to do this because our receptacles break down for ease of transport. You won’t have to drive anywhere, collect any unwieldy tank and tow it back home: once you have your Aussietanks, you can easily collapse it and take it with you anywhere. Show your neighbors and friends how to store water in Pennsylvania neighborhoods, camping sites and festival areas. Our portable water tanks are the perfect choice for anyone heading to the great outdoors: when you’re collecting rainwater with a Aussietanks, you’ll have a ready supply of graywater in a receptacle that couldn’t be easier to take with you to a new camping site or outdoor area.

We have water tanks for sale that are suitable for placement anywhere on your property – even a properly supported roof. This is great for businesses sick of paying water bills for employees’ graywater usage during work hours: place a Aussietanks on your roof and you’ll be harvesting rainwater that’s perfectly safe for all kinds of washing and hygiene purposes. There are few more cost-effective measures when it comes to water conservation than harvesting rainwater, so place an order at our web store and let our Aussietanks team reduce your reliance on the water network!