Aussietanks is the convenient and easy water storage tank in Philadelphia

As an increasingly scarce resource many homes in America are looking at alternative ways to meet their water needs. Rainwater collection systems offer a fantastic way for homeowners to both reduce their environmental footprint and also save money on their water bills. Water storage containers in Philadelphia have encountered some problems due to their often unwieldy size and installation process. This is the reason we created Aussietanks. Designed especially for dense urban environments, Aussietanks offer the opportunity to buy a rain barrel that is simple and economic, making the rainwater harvesting a viable option for all households.

The main water holding tank of the Aussietanks is made of a marine grade PVC bladder, supported by a robust steel frame then enclosed in a mesh cover. This design means Aussietanks are able to withstand the sometimes unpredictable weather ensuring you a reliable and sturdy water storage barrel in Philadelphia. The best part about the Aussietanks solution is its flat-pack ability. Being able to fully break down into its original packaging makes Aussietanks one of the most portable water tanks on the market today. It also makes them compact for storage during winter months, ensuring you can avoid cracking and other damage that often occurs with other water containers when temperatures drop below freezing.

Legislation about how to store water in Philadelphia is still being developed, however there are no restrictions on the private collection and storage of rainwater for landscaping and recreational purposes. It should be noted that Aussietanks by themselves are not designed to be potable water tanks, and the attachment of a separate water filtration systems are required to make rainwater safe for human consumption.

Coming in a range of three sizes from 120 and 260 gallons, right up to a massive 530 gallons we have the Aussietanks solution for you. Regardless of whether you wish to simply water the garden and wash the car, or you have grand plans for backyard landscaping irrigation there is a Aussietanks for you.

With a simple setup and installation that often takes less than 20 minutes, we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with your Aussietanks. With a one year guarantee on all of our water tanks for sale you can rest assured about the longevity and durability of all Aussietanks units. So whether you are looking to reduce your household’s environmental impact, or you would just like to reduce your water bill – the Aussietanks can offer you a simple an affordable solution.