Aussietanks has handy portable water tanks for sale in Sacramento

Rainwater barrels provide many benefits to households. Not only do they promote sustainable living in your home by providing an additional supply of water during the hotter, drier Sacramento summer months – but they can also save household money on metered water. They also provide a back-up supply in the event of mains failure.

A Aussietanks water holding tank is one of the cheapest, easiest and most flexible methods for storing water in Sacramento for use in the home and garden.

These high capacity rainwater collection systems are portable and collapse for easy storage and transportation. They’re quick and easy to use; it takes just twenty minutes to assemble them and they’re designed for DIY installation – so you save time and money on hiring a plumber!

You can buy rain barrels on our website in three sizes to suit different applications, including a 260 gal and 530 gal size, which can be used as a supplementary supply for house and garden. Because they are easy to transport even when full, the 120 gal size is perfect for use as a potable water tank during festivals and camping trips.

The Aussietanks comes with a variety of plumbing options depending on the application and capacity you’re looking for. These include:

  • Connecting the downpipe/s directly to the top of the Aussietanks
  • Connecting a water diverter (a pipe or garden hose) to the top of the barrel
  • Connecting a water diverter (pipe or garden hose) to the side inlet of the Aussietanks
  • Plumbing two or more water storage barrels together

You can also attach a filtration system to the faucet at the base of the water storage container to produce a supply of potable water – however, it’s important to check the regulations in your state regarding the use of harvested rainwater for drinking.

Using the Aussietanks not only gives you your own on-site supplementary water supply. This will also help your home promote more sustainable living, as your household will be able to reduce its reliance on potable water for things like gardening and washing the car. This takes some of the pressure of the precious public supply of water during the famously sunny Sacramento summers.

For more information on how to store water cheaply and easily with Aussietanks water storage tanks, contact us via an online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, place your order today!