If you want to buy rainwater barrels in San Antonio, our Aussietanks team will ship one to your door

There’s a good reason the Texas Water Development Board sponsors the Texas Rain Catcher Award to promote rainwater collection, educate the public and reward excellence in the field of rainwater harvesting: there isn’t a lot of moisture to go around in the Lone Star State. Rainwater collection systems in San Antonio are becoming more and more commonplace, and they’re saving residents money on water bills as well as helping them to conserve water across the city. At Aussietanks, we’re proud to support this movement through shipping water storage containers anywhere water conservation is key.

Our selection of water tanks for sale boast some of the highest levels of portability and versatility you’ll find anywhere. You would be hard pressed to find other water storage barrels that are fully collapsible and install in 20 minutes, as ours do. No matter what your needs are when it comes to storing water, you can find a Aussietanks with a storage capacity of 120 gallons, 260 gallons or 530 gallons: our range of portable water tanks is suitable for landscape irrigation and general household graywater usage, no matter how big your home is.

It’s often taken for granted that when you install a water storage tank on your San Antonio property, it’s going to be there for good. Not so with a Aussietanks: even when full, your water holding tank can still be shifted to anywhere you require. This portability is something you won’t find in other companies’ ranges of rainwater and potable water tanks, and it’s truly what separates us from the competition.

A Aussietanks product redefines the phrase ‘ease of transport’: once broken down, you can take one of our receptacles almost anywhere. If you’re heading out of town for an outdoor expedition, take your Aussietanks with you and you’ll have a solution for how to store water in San Antonio campsites across the county. Aussietanks products are perfectly capable of storing rainwater in any wilderness situation, and can easily go wherever your camp is set up. You’ll never be lugging around bottle upon bottle of precious fresh water, only to use it for washing and ablution purposes rather than for hydration: your Aussietanks can hold rainwater at your camp site and break down to be carried along with the rest of your gear.