There’s no better method for storing water in San Diego than with a Aussietanks

Searching for an effective way to lower your cost-of-living and utilities bills, while doing your part for the environment? Our selection of Aussietanks water storage containers enables you to harvest rainwater for your personal gardening and washing needs while preventing wastage and runoff. Not only this, but they are easily the most affordable and versatile water tanks for sale San Diego households have access to. If you live in San Diego, then you’re taking residence in the United States’ 10th driest state, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data. This means that it’s vital to figure out how to store water reliably and efficiently.

Effectively installing a water storage tank in San Diego doesn’t just mean lowering your water usage and bill: if you’re got a City of San Diego Public Utilities individual water meter, you can be eligible for a cash-back rebate after you install one of our water storage barrels. This is just one of the many benefits you’ll yield from using the Aussietanks web store to buy rainwater barrels that are durable, versatile, transportable and more affordable than any other storage option on the market.

Whether you want a 120 gallon receptacle to help water your small garden, or a 530 gallon water holding tank to supplement your existing auxiliary water supply, a Aussietanks can do it. As well as this, all of our products break down for easy storage and transportation, regardless of size. They’re the perfect option for creating rainwater harvesting set-ups or expanding existing rainwater collection systems in San Diego, because their sturdy and durable construction stands up to the intense sunlight and heavy rainfall that many parts of Southern California’s best city receive.

A Aussietanks is also a great option for anyone looking to invest in one or more potable water tanks in the case of an earthquake that disrupts water networks. California is long overdue for a major seismic event, and having a Aussietanks on your property is a lot less unwieldy than storing 530 1-gallon jugs of water in case you lose access to running water when and if the big one strikes.

Our Aussietanks products are more versatile than many other portable water tanks currently on the market. You can take a Aussietanks anywhere, particularly if it’s collapsed for easy transportation. However, even our largest models can be moved when full.