At Aussietanks, we make high-quality rainwater collection systems for San Jose homes

If you live in the Bay Area, you are more than used to seeing a lot of sun. Nowhere is this truer than in San Jose – California’s technological capital receives about a third of the rainfall that many other Bay Area cities experience. To combat this lack of rain and help you to find out how to store water efficiently, our team at Aussietanks creates totally transportable and collapsible water storage barrels any San Jose home would greatly benefit from.

Having a water storage tank on your property provides a wide variety of benefits. The primary purpose of Aussietanks water storage containers is to collect and store rainwater for use in gardening and cleaning: unfiltered rainwater can be used as graywater throughout your household. We stock portable water tanks in capacities ranging from 120 gallons to 530 gallons, which suit the smallest organic garden or a co-op’s group gardening project. Installing a Aussietanks receptacle on your property is one of the most conservation-minded methods of storing water San Jose households or businesses have available. It can be a real financial boon to have a water holding tank reducing your water network usage and lowering your bills.

The water tanks for sale at our Aussietanks web store are a lot more durable and lightweight than other products on the market. Set-up only takes 20 minutes, tops, and doesn’t require any plumbing or construction experience. It’s much easier to transport a Aussietanks – empty or full – than many potable water tanks San Jose residents already use. This portability means that you can take a Aussietanks with you on any outdoor expedition or camping trip: take one of our collapsible receptacles with you and you won’t be lugging around water bottles and wasting fresh water on cleaning and hygiene when camping.

If you buy rainwater barrels from Aussietanks, it could provide your household with financial benefits beyond cutting down on your water bill. California’s AB 300 bill allows homeowners to receive reasonable credit for savings they make from voluntary water demand-related measures. Before you grab a Aussietanks, it’s definitely worth investigating whether your locality will give you a financial boost for the self-reliance and conservation you display in using one of our rainwater tanks.

Head to our site and get yourself a Aussietanks via our easy-to-use online ordering system. We ship to any San Jose address.