Buy water storage tanks in Seattle with a difference

If you’re looking for a more flexible and cost-effective method for collecting and storing water in Seattle, the Aussietanks is the answer.

Designed with consideration for the demands of urban living, the DIY Aussietanks is a compact, portable water holding tank which can be collapsed for easy, discreet storage when not in use. This is particularly useful for helping you avoid the problem of burst water storage barrels and pipes during the colder months.

You can choose between three different sizes: 120 gal, 260 gal and 530 gal. The smaller size is great for use during travel, while the two larger sizes can provide your home and garden with a supplementary water supply.

Our rainwater collection systems are extremely easy to install, and take only 20 minutes to assemble – meaning you save time and money on hiring a plumber. The emphasis on portability means you can easily transport them – either to a new property or to a new location around the home – even when they are at full capacity. The smaller size is also the perfect way to store and transport a fresh supply of potable water on camping trips.

There are a range of plumbing options for the Aussietanks, to increase the collection capacity and diversify its use – including as a potable water tank. You can:

  • Connect the downpipe directly to the top of the rainwater barrel
  • Connect a water diverter to the top of the Aussietanks (either a pipe or garden hose)
  • Connect a diverter to the side inlet of the Aussietanks (pipe or garden hose)
  • Plumb two or more water barrels together

The harvested rainwater can be used for drinking (when connected to a separate filtration system), watering the garden, and washing the car – and is a great way to reduce your household’s reliance on public supply of this precious resource.

Backed by a one-year warranty, our water storage containers are also durable and have been built to last through the changing weather conditions of Seattle. They are made from hard-wearing PVC together with a steel frame, plated with zinc. The plumbing fittings and pipes are included.

So, buy rain barrels in Seattle with Aussietanks for a handy way to collect rainwater. For more information on how to store water cheaply and efficiently with Aussietanks – or for any questions about our portable water tanks for sale – please don’t hesitate to contact us via an online enquiry form. Otherwise, place your order today!