The Perfect Portable Water Tanks for Tennessee Homes

Tennessee enjoys a humid subtropical climate, like much of the south, with an average annual rainfall 50 inches per year. However, not all months have enough rainy days to sustain the average lawn or garden – rainfall can be less than an inch and a half in mid summer. This is where a Aussietanks water storage tank comes in handy with water storage containers attached to your stormwater drainage system. Having stored water can also be useful in winter, when freezing can interfere with hoses and faucets.

A Aussietanks is the ideal solution for those with existing rainwater collection systems, as it can be set up in under 20 minutes by a single person, and is easily connected to existing downpipes and garden watering systems. An extra shade cover is provided, with a hole for a downpipe which can easily be altered to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from accessing the body of water.
Users can set up Aussietanks as primary rainwater barrels, or as an extra water container to capture any overflow from an existing barrel. It’s perfect for those who are new to storing water, and want to know how to store water without overinvesting in new plumbing. There is a choice of water holding tank capacities – 120, 260 or 530 gallons. Read more about the dimensions here.

Unlike the standard solid and/or permanent water tanks for sale in Tennessee, the Aussietanks is able to stand up to severe weather conditions without splitting, bursting or ripping at the seams. The inside is made of a marine grade material which is flexible yet tough enough to withstand impact from debris in storms. And unlike other water storage barrels, it can be emptied and packed away when not required – no need to clutter up your yard.

Aussietanks are also ideal as potable water tanks for Tennessee residents planning for emergencies and natural disasters including tornadoes, where the water mains may need to be switched off. Simply fill with tap water (not rainwater) before transporting to a shelter area. For water that is stored longer than a few days, extra filtration is recommended for hygiene purposes. Aussietanks is compatible with a variety of common water tank filters designed to attach to a faucet.

You can buy rain barrels in Tennessee direct from the Aussietanks website. We offer affordable shipping to your door wherever you are within the state. Click here to order yours now.